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Material 45 steel, Q235, galvanized trivalent chromium surface sandblasting treatment, tubing joint


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  • Release date:2019-10-24
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Q235 steel is a kind of carbon structural steel.Equivalent to the old standard gb700-79 brand A3, C3 steel, embezzled the Russian TOCT number plate.Q of steel number represents yield strength.In general, steel is used directly without heat treatment.Non - standard fastener processing 45 steel is GB in the general name, also known as oil steel?There are many hot rolling in the market, and the cold rolling standard is 1.0 ~ 4.0mm. The steel cold plastic is generally annealed, normalizing is slightly better than quenching and tempering, with higher strength and good machinability.

No. 45 steel for medium carbon steel, carbon content of 450,000 parts, automotive electronic injection system yoke iron therefore called, its mechanical properties, cutting performance is good, poor welding performance.Q235 is low carbon steel, carbon content less than one part of 200,000, good welding performance, plasticity.

Q235 belongs to low carbon steel, its plasticity is higher, but the strength is low, suitable for stretching, rolling processing, such as profile, plate, etc.No. 45 steel is medium carbon steel, which can be quenched, its heat treatment after the strength and hardness of high, suitable for making mechanical parts of the force, good wear resistance use