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T iron is also called iron, and its fabric is pure iron.This is the building block of the sound unit.In the audio unit, the main function of precision hardware processing T iron is to induce magnetic force in the state of electrification, but there is no residual magnetism.When the speaker is powered off, the magnetic field disappears, and so does the magnetic force.Therefore, the purity of iron directly affects the productivity of acoustic units and some important parameters of nonlinear distortion.Related to iron are splints, both of which are part of an acoustic unit.The thickness of the splint directly affects the stroke of the sound unit. In the case of the long stroke unit, the t iron and the splint are very thick, so that the whole stroke of the voice coil can basically move along the cutting magnetic guide line.The smaller the gap between the splint and the t column, the smaller the power needed for the voice coil to move, and the higher the efficiency of the sound unit.

T iron is the foundation of loudspeaker. Nc machining precision screw is an important part in the loudspeaker box. Its quality directly affects the sound quality of the loudspeaker.The raw materials of t iron mainly consider the carbon content, good plasticity and other factors.However, if the carbon content is high, it will affect the sound quality.


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