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Automobile vacuum pump oil inlet joint, automobile engine pin, automobile oil volume adjusting screw


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Material of bushing

The material on the back is mostly soft metal, rubber, nylon and non-metallic polymer, etc. Precision hardware processing these materials are relatively soft, low cost.In all kinds of bad working environment, the bushing is subjected to vibration, which protects the parts of friction and corrosion. The bushing itself is easy to be replaced after being damaged, with low cost and good economy.

Bushing function

The use of bushing is more flexible, and it can achieve a lot of functions, in a word, bushing is a part of the protection equipment.The use of bushing reduces the wear, vibration and noise of the equipment, and has anti-corrosion effect.The use of wholesale bushing for stainless steel pipe joint facilitates the maintenance of mechanical equipment and simplifies the structure and manufacturing technology of the equipment.The foundation has a lot to do with the role played in practical work and its application environment and purpose.In valve service areas, sealing is achieved by installing the stem in the bonnet to reduce valve leakage.In the application field of bearing, the use of bushing can reduce the wear between the bearing and the shaft, avoid the gap between the shaft and the hole to increase.

Bushing is characterized by high torque, high precision, easy assembly, simple operation, good position, matching shaft and radon waste rate reduction, reuse.At present, it is an ideal and economical choice not to damage the surface of the formula.