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Stainless steel pipe coupling


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  • Release date:2019-10-24
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Product features

Through the special claw and seal parts of the fixed gold design, with fixed installation simple assembly, precision CNC lathe processing cable wide range, strong tensile force, waterproof, can prevent dust, can prevent salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, oil, fat and general solvents.

The product description

Product material: A.C.F part is high-quality 304 stainless steel, B.Part E is nitrile rubber and part D is white nylon.

Thread specification: Mefric, PG, NPT

Operating temperature: static: -40 ° c +10 ° c, auto oil adjustment screw can reach +120 ° c in a short time;Dynamic: -20 ℃?At +80℃, +10℃ can be achieved in a short time.

Product color: A.C.Part F is metallic, part B.Part E is black and part D is white.

Supply range: within the specified socket area, wrap the tight head with an O ring, waterproof to IP68.

Usage: lne-m-ex type metal cable waterproof connector is the supporting product of the cable, the connector can lock the cable, the other end can be connected with the equipment box.In addition, the electric device can enter the internal thread by selecting the connection port of the screw.

Material SUS304, SUS303, SUS316, SUS316L, stainless steel pipe joint