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Stainless steel ball head


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  • Release date:2019-10-24
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Stainless steel ball head stop screw layout by the spring, steel ball, shell composition.Stainless steel ball head stop pay screw is installed in the screw tooth internal spring, so that the internal bead & pin set pre-pressure, high and low distance movement of the product, is the most parts of all kinds of machines exported to Europe, Japan, the United States.

Stainless steel ball head stop screw in the mold, fixture, assembly and other things often use a.The ball's movement is driven by a spring of certain pressure to make the lock work smoothly.It is widely used in foreign machinery industry.In the need to install a spring formed mold or machine equipment, how and convenient to install a bare spring, is a hassle for engineers, precision CNC lathe machining its installation effectiveness and results are often frustrating.After the structure, the installation of springs and equipment is extremely difficult to control.The bare spring will fly randomly under pressure.Some devices can't operate on a bare spring sole.Stainless steel ball head stop screw complete to eliminate the above problems.Stainless steel ball head stop screw as can supply pressure and positioning components, primarily through the process of screw lock.