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The central machine - known as the central CNC lathe, also known as spindle table mobile CNC automatic lathe, is an economic lathe milling compound machine tool or slitting machine tool.Precision CNC lathe processing belongs to precision processing equipment, and can be completed at the same time automobile, milling, drilling, boring, tap, carving and other complex processing, mainly used for precision hardware, shaft type non-standard special-shaped products with processing.

Because the machine in the machining efficiency and machining accuracy compared with the numerical control lathe has a qualitative leap, ningbo precision electrical components used the biaxial layout tools, greatly reduces the processing cycle time, by shortening the cutting tool and tool rest, tool change time, implements the chip realize multiple repeat function of tool machine thread effective axial moving overlapping functions, secondary processing of spindle dividing function directly, empty time shorten.Cutting tools in the spindle and workpiece clamping parts, to ensure that the machining accuracy is maintained.At present, the large machining diameter of the central machine is 38mm, which has a great advantage in the precision axis machining market.It is very suitable for mass production of precision shaft parts

Material: 12L14, 1045, Q235, etc


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