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Machine parts


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Mechanical basic parts (mainly bearing, gear, mold, hydraulic parts, air parts, sealing parts and fastening parts, etc.) is an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, product performance, the major equipment and ontology level directly, decision quality and reliability of the equipment manufacturing industry from China into a strong key.

Parts can be divided into two categories: precision hardware processing standard parts and optional parts.

Standard parts are auxiliary parts for random equipment.Each model comes with a different standard, eccentric drive shaft, but common standard components include memory and cartons.Of course, the size of the memory and the capacity of the carton varies from machine to machine.The status of the standard configuration can be understood by investigating the product description.If there is no standard configuration, it will definitely affect the use and performance of the product.

Optional parts to enhance the function of the product, improve the performance of the product parts, additional purchase.Unlike standard placement, if optional parts are not used, the use of the basic functions of the product is not affected.There are many types of options, and the options supported by the product will vary.When selecting an optional part, you must first check the product description and make it unavailable.