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Non - standard screws, non - standard fasteners, CNC machining precision fasteners


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Digital control machine tool is controlled by the computer machine tool, is the computer that controls machine tool, no matter be special computer or general computer, collectively known as numerical control system.The movement and auxiliary actions of the digitally controlled machine tools are all based on instructions from the numerical control system.The command of the numerical control system is compiled by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, the processing requirements, the characteristics of the machine tool and the command format (numerical control language or symbol) specified by the system.According to the program command, the CNC system of the fastener manufacturer sends the running or stopping information to the servo device and other functional parts to control the various movements of the machine tool.

The machine tool stops automatically after the parts processing procedure is finished.Any kind of numerical control machine tool, as long as do not enter the program instruction in its numerical control system, the digital control machine tool cannot work.

The control action of the machine includes starting and stopping of the machine.Starting, rotation direction and rotation speed transformation of the spindle;Direction, speed and mode of feeding movement of non-standard fasteners;Tool selection, length and radius compensation;Replacement of tools, opening and closing of coolant, etc.