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Central - fully known as the central CNC lathe, also known as spindle table mobile type numerical control automatic lathe, is an economic machine tool milling complex machine tool or slipper lathe.It is a precision processing equipment, which can complete the compound processing of turning, milling, drilling, tapping, carving, etc. It is mainly used for the batch processing of precision metal and shaft special shape and non-standard products.Originated from Germany and Switzerland, this machine tool was mainly used for precision processing of military industrial instruments in the early stage. With the development and expansion of industrial technology, due to the urgent demand of the market, it was gradually applied to the processing of civilian supplies.The development of similar machine tools in Japan and Korea is faster than that in China.

At the beginning, it mainly focused on the use of munitions industry. After the post-war development, it was gradually applied in the manufacturing industry. After that, Taiwan introduced this technology and independently developed this type of equipment with different processing requirements.Behind China mobile machine manufacturing, non-standard fasteners processing because of the limitation of the closing of the technology and policy before the 90 s China mobile machine mainly rely on imports to meet processing requirements, with the development of automation degree and the strong demand of the market. There are many Chinese market with strength of nc manufacturing plant, including the coast of guangdong, jiangsu, nanjing, shandong, liaoning, the interior of this series of machine tool production in xian, and obtained the good market application, fill the domestic blank.