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Mechanical parts, CNC machining, machining center machining, turning and milling compound machining


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General CNC machining is usually computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring and milling machine.

CNC is also known as computer gong, CNCCH or CNC machinery is actually Hong Kong side of the general method, surface electrophoresis treatment later entered the mainland pearl river delta, is actually CNC milling machine, Canton, jiangsu Shanghai area known as the "CNC machining center", is a new processing technology, the main work is the production of processing procedures.In other words, change the original hand into computer programming.Of course, manual processing experience is required

Numerically controlled machining is performed using numerically controlled machining tools.CNC is the programming control of numerical control working machinery of the language of exponential processing, which is usually the code of G generation.Nc machining G code language for nc machining tools to use what cartesian position coordinates, and control the tool feed speed and spindle speed as well as tool converter, coolant and other work.May be.Numerical control machining for manual processing has great advantages, such as numerical control machining parts produced very accurate, reproducible;Numerical control machining can be produced with no manual machining complex shape of zero parts, numerical control machining technology is generally popular, many machinery processing plants have numerical control processing capacity, precision numerical control lathe processing typical machining plant in the most common numerical control processing methods are numerical control milling, numerical control car and numerical control EDM line


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