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Precision hardware processing commonly used stainless steel nut material details


precision hardware processing commonly used stainless steel nut material details

1. Stainless steel nut is a stainless steel nut which is tightened together with bolts or screws for fastening parts.Various original parts must be used in manufacturing machinery.There are many kinds of nuts.We often have national standards and British standards.American standard, Japanese standard nut.Nuts according to different materials are divided into carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic and other main types.According to the product attributes corresponding to different national standards, divided into ordinary, non-standard, (old) national standards, new national standards, American system, British system, German standard.Different sizes, threads are not divided into different specifications.Typically, national and German standards are expressed in M (for example, M8 and M16), and the us and UK systems are used for scores or # for specifications (for example 8 #, 10 #, 1/4 3)./ 8) fasteners

2. The nut is a part tightly connected to the mechanical equipment.It can be connected by internal thread, same size nut and stainless steel screw.For example, the m4-0.7 nut can only match the m4-0.7 screw (in the case of the nut, M4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut being about 4mm, and 0.7 represents the distance between the two threads being 0.7mm);The same is true for American products, for example, 1/4 to 20 nuts can only be used with 1/4 to 20 screws (1/4 finger nut has an inner diameter of about 0.25 ", 20 teeth per inch for 20 fingers).

According to the statistics of China stainless steel fastener association, most of the products exported by China fastener belong to low-end products with low technical content, which mainly rely on low competitive advantage to enter the international market.Without understanding the target export market, blindly export products in a few markets, so that they kill each other, seize market share.Without core technology, from the perspective of world division of labor, Chinese fastener enterprises may increasingly work in the low value chain of zui, while the high value chain of zui is occupied by others.The weight of the fasteners we make and the value of the fasteners we make will increase.Precision hardware processing commonly used stainless steel nut material details

According to the survey, China's top 500 stainless steel fasteners rarely grow through core technology, which is the weakness of Chinese enterprises.Most fortune 500 companies rely on cheap, low-cost and economies of scale to scale up.Under the background of global competition, can our resource monopoly advantage bear the core technology advantage of multinational corporations?Are our cost advantages comparable to the brand advantages of multinational products?Is survival better?

On the one hand, in the domestic market competition, more and more multinational companies are accelerating their entry into the Chinese market.After the adjustment of China's strategy, relying on their own technological advantages, they occupy a larger and larger market share in the Chinese market, which makes the domestic fastener enterprises face more and more competitive pressure and the living environment is deteriorating day by day..In this case, anti-dumping investigation and prosecution will easily appear in China's fastener companies.

On the other hand, the challenge comes from the international market.Low costs have led to confusion among Chinese fastener companies in the export process.The anti-dumping cases of Chinese fastener enterprises appear gradually in the past two years. Once the company loses the lawsuit, it will be discriminatory and extremely anti-dumping.The tax will deprive China of its cost-price advantage.

Generally speaking, compared with the special equipment of advanced industrial countries, the special equipment for the production of stainless steel standard parts in our country has the advantages of manufacturing precision, advanced structure and application range of technology., material selection of components, manufacturing and update speed, and computer applications.There are still considerable gaps in these areas.High strength fasteners should not only meet the mechanical properties of products, but also meet the assembly process requirements.Strictly control torque during production and assembly.The friction coefficient of bolts is strictly controlled to ensure the axial force.Research is still weak and has a long way to go.








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