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Non-standard precision hardware processing machinery and electrical equipment how to purchase?


Pre-purchase device selection demo

In the project decision-making stage, the decision-making department generally carries out a feasibility study on the equipment to be purchased to determine which equipment to be purchased and the technical indicators and production capacity that the equipment should meet, and then carries out technical treatment.And economic analysis to achieve the desired objectives..

At this stage, we must pay attention to the choice of equipment, because the choice of equipment directly affects the price of equipment and the range of equipment suppliers.When selecting equipment, the equipment selection should be determined according to the overall design of the project.The procurement exercise pointed out clear directions to avoid waste of funds and delays in construction during the procurement of equipment.

At present, there are still many enterprises do not choose the model type before purchasing equipment, but solve the problem of equipment selection in the procurement process.This brings unnecessary pressure and passivity to the implementation of the project, leading to the delay of project planning, waste of funds and even the project cannot be implemented.Therefore, equipment selection is an important part of project equipment procurement and should be implemented before project implementation.

Determination of procurement method

Here, the equipment procurement method refers to the method to determine the equipment supplier, directly determine the legality and rationality of the procurement, determine the content of the procurement contract and procurement efficiency.Therefore, the principles and methods of supplier determination should be timely formulated according to the project objectives, funding sources and relevant national laws and regulations.Non-standard precision hardware processing machinery and electrical equipment how to purchase?

Currently, equipment supplier determination includes bidding, competitive negotiation, single source procurement and inquiry.In order to form sufficient competition, reduce the supply price of equipment, reduce corruption and fraud, and avoid commercial risks, procurement of large-scale and large-scale equipment is generally conducted through tendering.For some products not suitable for bidding, negotiations can also be conducted through competitive negotiations, single source procurement and inquiry.

Bidding can be divided into two forms: open bidding and invitation bidding.For products of a society with a large number of manufacturers and full competition, the form of public bidding should be considered first.If the product is special, suppliers are limited, or the cost of public bidding is too large in proportion to the total value of the purchased project, bidding can be adopted within the scope permitted by law.And regulations.If no supplier after the tender bidding, or no qualified bidding and tender anew or not established, or complex technology, special nature, specifications or specific requirements can not be sure, or the time required for tender can not meet the pressing needs of the user, or you can't calculate total price in advance, or you can use the competitive negotiation to buy equipment.

For those who can only purchase from a single supplier, or cannot purchase from another supplier for unforeseen emergencies, or must ensure the consistency of the original purchase project or the requirements of the service package, continue from the original supplier.Equipment purchases that do not exceed 10% of the purchase amount under the original contract may also be purchased from a single source.

For equipment purchases and standards, you can purchase equipment purchases with sufficient spot supply and small price changes by querying.

Determine supplier qualification conditions

The selected supplier is involved in the design, production, transportation, installation, use, service and other aspects of equipment, which is the key to the success of equipment procurement.Only by correctly dividing the selection range of equipment suppliers can we quickly and effectively select the best.Suppliers.Therefore, reasonable determination of equipment supplier qualification is particularly important.

The supplier qualification conditions should be determined according to the technical conditions of the equipment provided by the design department and the specific implementation of the project, and should be set within the scope allowed by national laws and regulations, so as to cover the supplier's requirements to a large extent by zui, which is predictable.Excluded risks are excluded.Generally speaking, we should first consider the supplier's business status, qualification level, bank credit, etc., and then evaluate the technical indicators and after-sales service measures of the equipment provided by the supplier.After a thorough analysis of the supplier's entire bidding plan, the most choices are made.Facilitate procurement unit's bidding plan to identify suppliers.

Product brand specifications

In the procurement process, especially in tender procurement, the purchaser cannot specify the brand in principle before the supplier is finalized.For products whose specifications cannot be determined by themselves, a reference brand can be proposed, but not specified, otherwise it will appear.The abnormal price of purchased brand products even caused complaints from suppliers and even suspended bidding and procurement, which had a negative impact on the whole project..