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Precision nc lathe processes standard fasteners


Standard fasteners include bolts, studs, screws, fixing screws, nuts, washers, and rivets.

There are many types of bolts, most of the head is hexagonal.Bolts are subjected to shock, vibration, or variable loads. To increase flexibility, the polished rod section is made into a thin section or hollow.The base end of the stud is screwed into the threaded hole of the fitting, and the nut end is similar to the bolt nut.The structure of the screw is roughly the same as the structure of the bolt, but the shape of the head is varied to accommodate different assembly Spaces, fastening and joint appearances.Fixing screws have different head and end shapes to accommodate different degrees of fastening.Nuts also come in a variety of styles, most widely used in hexagons.

The gasket is primarily used to protect the supporting surface of the coupling element.Bolts and nuts are mostly made of medium carbon steel.They also apply to alloy steel.They can also be made of copper, copper alloys and other nonferrous metals when corrosion or conduction is required.Precision nc lathe processes standard fasteners

The standard of China and many countries stipulates that threaded joints shall be graded according to mechanical properties and the grade code shall be indicated on the fasteners.Rivets are made of steel, aluminum or copper alloy and have various head shapes to meet the needs of different rivets.

The combination screw designed by push rivet has obvious advantages.The combined screw assembly structure designed by push riveting principle is successful.Although production cost is reduced, performance is improved, resources are saved and efficiency is improved.Therefore, the new combined screw assembly can completely replace the currently used combined screw assembly..In addition, after careful design, push rivet assembly has a strong versatility, can be used for a variety of other parts of mobile equipment.Only three holes can be machined to fit the stainless steel rivet assembly.

Since the rivet mounting process does not cause damage to the coating surface, the component can even be extended to any other structural form of sheet metal connection in place of the tapping process and the riveting nut process.It has been proven that these two processes require special protection or process adjustments in the process due to damage to the coating, which reduces efficiency and is not cost-effective.