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Early design involvement
• Reverse engineering

• 2D / 3D drawing of parts

• simulation of processes and structures

• material analysis: chemical composition analysis, metallurgy experiment

• prototype model;Test structure, function and assembly interference

• tool design and manufacturing: 2D drawing, 3D core drawing, 3D electrode establishment, 3D model transfer to CAM of mold cavity

• design and construct robot chucks and processing fixtures

• design and build test equipment

• establish ISO standard quality procedures, implement APQP, PPAP, control plan and FMEA.

• engineering recommendations and solutions for difficult components

• various 2D / 3D files are acceptable, for example.Pro-e, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc



By the production
• die casting (high pressure), gravity casting (low pressure)

• screw machine accessories

• Stamping parts

• other metal parts

• Non-metallic parts


Manufacturing planning and process improvement
• planning production procedures and equipment

• second operation: precision machining and various special surface treatments, such as electroplating, galvanizing, anodizing, stress release and impregnation, etc. in accordance with ROHS.

• integrate qualified plants to form a strong supply chain and assist in establishing effective quality procedures to comply with ISO standards

• Continuously re-evaluate and improve procedures and costs


Tool planning
• equipment integration consulting services

• automatic control system Settings

• professional services and technical advice