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Ningbo Jujin Machinery Co., Ltd.

EJOIN MACHINERY CO.LTD Is located in ningbo zhenhai development zone in 1188 officer road kechuang garden, is a taiwan-funded enterprises, professional engaged in high-end precision machinery parts and components manufacturing and OEM processing, the company mainly exported to more than 70% of the products, the main customers throughout Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the main business involves auto parts, communications, hydraulic, medical and other industries.....


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  • 29
    Precision nc... Standard fasteners include bolts, studs, screws, fixing screws, nuts, washers, and rivets.There are many types of bolts, most of the head is hexagonal.Bo...
  • 29
    Non-standard... The non-standard screw industry will test the products produced, such as special-shaped screws, non-standard screws and so on.After testing, it will fi...
  • 29
    Precision... In the production of fasteners, it is the molding of raw materials.The main forming process is cold pier or cold extrusion.Cold pier process belongs to met...

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